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Custom made and earth friendly, Pain Buddies are a colorful soft doll that helps us connect to our physical and emotional pain making life better.

When we are having painful feelings like sadness, anger, loneliness, fear, singledude.jpg (63548 bytes)
the pain buddy helps us feel what is inside with a hug from their long arms.
cutoutheart2.jpg (87605 bytes)The Pain Buddies tiny wooden heart finds peace and joy inside of us helping us deal with our sometimes busy and hectic lives.

The Pain Buddy acts as a symbol helping us face obstacles and challenges through a kinder approach to life.


Pain Buddies Mission:

To help children, youth and adults find more effective ways to respond to their emotions, and see Pain Buddies playing a key role in the dynamics of the home, classrooms, support groups and hospitals.

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   Earth Friendly Construction (natural materials)
    Hand painted face
    Choice of hair & body color
    Long arms for hugging
    Rainbow of ribbons representing strengths
    Small wooden heart sewn inside each buddy

Order Pain Buddies today and live a kinder live!

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info@painbuddies.com   ~  612-991-4481


For more information visit www.dianelipman.com